wyland-history.jpgOriginally built in the early 1950s, our beloved cabin has been a mainstay in the Wyland family over the years. It's seen and enjoyed the laughter and tears of four generations that have come to enjoy the Valley or to simply find solace. It's survived the destruction of Hurricane Agnes in 1972, yet stood alone in the Valley well after the waters of Pine Creek receded, a testament to it's foundation in this wonderful area.

Our Grandfather and Grandmother built this place to enjoy many days of happiness and solitude with two boys. Over the years it's always been a place of gathering, of good times, and of family. Many other friends and family have enjoyed the Cabin over the years, and I like to think it's how our Grandfather and Grandmother intended it to be used.

"The cabin was great and we had everything we needed for the time we were there. Look forward to spending time in the summer so that we can take advantage of the water and the outdoor activities."

Marjie & Dan Keller