About the Cabin

Pine-Creek-downstream.jpgAlways a place to enjoy a gathering with friends and family, the Cabin became a popular place for holidays, special gatherings, weekends, and simple getaways. Our family always felt it was important to share time with your family and friends and it soon became the place to do just that, and as often as we could. My fondest memories growing up were the 4th of July picnics with the gang from Lock Haven, spending weekends there fishing every inch of the creek, exploring the trails and mountain, and losing ourselves in the quiet and the calm of such a beautiful place.

"This cabin trip ended up being the perfect weekend getaway for all of us. It was clean, comfortable and convenient. With the creek (which seems more like a river actually) 50ft from the porch it was easy to throw a suit on and cool off in the mild current."


We continue to use the cabin as a special place, and we want to continue the tradition set by our Grandparents; that it was built to be enjoyed and to be used. We want to invite you to be a part of the special memories at Pine Creek and to create your own. We hope that you find the same peace and calm and joy that we have through the years.

The Wylands Through the Generations

Richard Wyland, II
Maxine (Neville) Wyland
    Dick Wyland
        Stacey Wyland-Berlinski
        Brad Wyland
    Bill Wyland
        Savonne (Wyland) Staab
        Bill Wyland, Jr

Early Winter - Rail Bridge

Winter makes a walk or bike ride on the trail a new experience. The bridge across Pine Creek is a definite stop for pictures or video.

Watch the Video

"Are you kidding me? There's no more perfect weekend than this."


Located less than 35minutes from Williamsport, and only an hour from State College, the Pine Creek Valley remains one of Pennsylvania’s hidden treasures.


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